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All my items are made in small artisan batches in my own kitchen from the freshest ingredients.All the produce used is picked at a local farm during the summer harvest to ensure the highest quality possible.This also means that many of my items may not always be available.The prices listed are for each item. These items are available for local pick up (we are just south of Youngstown, Ohio) for the prices listed. Free delivery ( within immediate vicinity) with $20.00+ purchase. Beyond that area, local delivery is available for a minimal fee!! Shipping is available (call or e-mail for shipping quote)anywhere in the lower 48 states. Please call Lyne at 330-549-9413 (leave message for quick call back) or e-mail: to place your order or for more information!!



This unique salsa has a finer texture, which is very pleasing to the palate. This makes it easy to get kids to eat nutritious veggies! Once you taste it you will be hooked.

Out of stock

Hot or Mild Salsa $7.00 per 32oz. jar

Extra Hot Salsa $7.00 per 26 oz. jar




Mild or Hot Pepper Mustard


A wonderful taste sensation. Great for dipping pretzels,on hot dogs , kielbasa or ham sandwiches, and much more.

Hot or Mild $5.00 per 16 oz. jar




Lyne's Meat Rub

A dry marinade consisting of 14 herbs and spices.It is wonderful on every kind of meat!! Believe me, we have tried it!!!!

$5.00 per 8 oz. jar.




The Only Salad Dressing

A dry mix to blend with your own oil and vinegar in the container provided or your own .It's so good it's the only one you'll ever want!!!

$3.00 per jar.




Awsome Herbal Jellies and Fruit Jams

$5.00 per 16oz. jar.

Some of the herbal jellies on this page are temporarily out of stock until the summer months!!! Call to check which flavors are available.

currently out of stock



Herbal jellies, like herbal vinegars, are a great way to enjoy the flavor of fresh herbs long after the snow has covered the herb garden. Their taste is more pungent than that of dried herbs.Use is not limited to spreading on toast and biscuits; they also make a wonderful accompaniment to meats, can zip up glazes, can be spread over cream cheese on crackers as an appetizer or can be spread under whipped cream as a cake frosting.The following is a list of the jellies I am offering at this time.

1. Cinnamon- Cherry Jelly, also good with fruit dishes and salty meats.

2.Basil-Clove Jelly, alsogood with beef roasts, poultry, fish,and ham.

3. Orange Mint Jelly, also excellent with Chinese foods and baked chicken.

4. Sage-Apple Jelly, also delicious with poultry, pork, lamb and cheeses.

5. Peachey Pepper Jam, a mildly spicey unique combination of flavors (it is also wonderful spread over cream cheese on club crackers)

6. Old World Grape Jam, it's uniquely flavorful taste comes from ancient vines


We use paypal for our payment system. We will accept a personal check or money order. Contact Us if you wish to pay using personal check or money order for information on this procedure!! Please, if you have any problem with our products or need more information, contact us and we will do our best to help you!!!!

Return Policy

We take great pride in our customers satisfation with our products!! Naturally, any items that are damaged due to shipping will be taken care of through our shipping company and replaced for you at no charge.Please inspect your item carefully upon receiving it for any shipping damage and please inform us immediately if you suspect such damage!!We have never had a return of any of our items. With that said, all returns must be made within 30 days of receiving said item. We do not return any of the shipping costs, only the actual price of the item. Item must be returned in the original packing(or comparable packing to ensure an undamaged return)and must not be damaged from use to receive a refund. No refunds will be made if item is found to be abused in any way!! We do not accept returns on any custom sized, custom stained items or items crafted with custom wood species so PLEASE do not be afraid to exchange dialog with us to be sure you get exactly what you want!!