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Horizontal Bar is the publication where many of the plans for the items featured in this website came from. Go through the links to see high quality items with quality workmanship.I have a subsciption to this publication and can get any back issues that I don't have. Variations to the plans are welcome so let your imagination go!!! is the online store for many of the plans seen in woodsmith.There are some great ideas here with high quality. Again, variations are welcome. is another publication to get some great ideas. It is the web address of the magazine Popular Woodworking. is a great place to get ideas for all your hardware needs. We have used them quite a bit!!! is another favorite of ours for hardware, tools and also plans. has hundreds of links for plans and ideas. hardware,tools,plans and ideas. vintage hardware and potty chair tray hardware.

meisel hardware potty chair hardware, woodworking plans and crafts.

lee valley Quality tools and hardware. This is a web browser that is much more user friendly than all the rest! Download the current version and I think you'll like it. I know I do!!! This is who we use for our payment system. Registering is fast and secure allowing you to use your credit card to safely pay for your items. This is who we use for shipping our smaller items via ground shipments.

Pack/ShipUSA This is who we use for our freight shipments. They give the TLC treatment packaging and shipping your future heirlooms!! Visit their site for a complete description of their services!!

Adobe Reader This is a link to download a free version so that you can view PDF files that are included on our website which are usually CAD drawings with dimensions of certain products that we offer!!

Standard Stain Colors Baird Brothers sawmill and lumber is where we purchase alot of the product used in our furniture. They do prefinishing on their mouldings & doors.They offer their stains to the public so that we can do our own finishing. On this page you can select the species of wood and see what it will look like in a variety of stain colors from clear coat to a dark stain!! We offer all of these stain colors on our standard wood species of Red Oak, Hard Maple, Cherry and Walnut, Please be advised that computer screens vary in how colors are displayed on the screen. Wood is a porous material and every piece of wood has different grain. We take care to match the wood as closely as possible in every part of a project. We cannot be responsible for slight color and grain variations in a project or the way the stain "grabs" on certain pieces of wood causing color variations!! We strive to get the best finish possible, but sometimes it is truely the nature of the wood!!

Baird Brothers Sawmill & Lumber Good people!!! Aromatherapy, healing oils, herbal soaps. Pro audio repair    
wood samples Pictures of different types of wood. An inspirering book authored by a friend    


In our woodshop we create heirloom quality pieces, using only the finest hardwood lumber and hardware available to us. We pride ourselves in the craftsmanship of each unique piece we produce. From the smallest to the largest item everything is handcrafted on an individual basis, nothing is mass produced. With this in mind, please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks for delivery on most of our smaller items and a minimum of 8-12 weeks on the larger items such as desks and entertainment centers.

Hardware Options

Many of our woodworking projects require hardware ( hinges, knobs, pulls, drawer slides, etc.). Each project has it's own special needs. We use only the finest quality available on each item!! When you request a quote or purchase an item via the shopping cart we will contact you with your hardware options for that item. If these options are not acceptable for you we will work with you to get exactly what you want!! Please understand that there may be an extra charge for non-standard items!!


We use paypal for our payment system. We will accept a personal check or money order. Contact Us if you wish to pay using personal check or money order for information on this procedure!! Please, if you have any problem with our products or need more information, contact us and we will do our best to help you!!!!

Return Policy

We take great pride in our customers satisfation with our products!! Naturally, any items that are damaged due to shipping will be taken care of through our shipping company and replaced for you at no charge.Please inspect your item carefully upon receiving it for any shipping damage and please inform us immediately if you suspect such damage!!We have never had a return of any of our items. With that said, all returns must be made within 30 days of receiving said item. We do not return any of the shipping costs, only the actual price of the item. Item must be returned in the original packing(or comparable packing to ensure an undamaged return)and must not be damaged from use to receive a refund. No refunds will be made if item is found to be abused in any way!! We do not accept returns on any custom sized, custom stained items or items crafted with custom wood species so PLEASE do not be afraid to exchange dialog with us to be sure you get exactly what you want!!

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